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Open Paws - Proud to be Furry!
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Open Paws! The community for all furs who are totally open about being furry, as well as damn proud of it! ^_^ And this community isn't just limited to furs; if you're any otherkin/were/therianthrope, or even if you don't consider yourself to be any of these but you're interested, feel free to join.

Proud to draw and enjoy art of the anthropomorphic sort? This is the place for you, too!

We are proud to be "animal people". For some of us it's a deep and spiritual thing, for others a very casual thing, for others yet simply an art preference or a hobby, but whatever the case, we're proud and open about it!

We're here to offer tips and support to other furs, as well as anything else (furry-related, of course) that you might want to post. We allow anything, really, provided it is on-topic. Please, no flaming others or general rudeness, as it does not contribute to the comunity. And if you are posting something that others might not want to see, please LJ-cut it.

Please note that while this is a pretty lenient community, ANY rudeness or posts intent on causing stupid drama by attacking any individuals are NOT welcome here. This is not your personal journal, and please don't treat it as such. This community is built on positive peer support and the mods will make sure the friendly atmosphere is kept that way. Assholes are NOT welcome, plain and simple. Intelligent and respectful debate is one thing - being rude and/or attacking somebody is another. If you decide to act like an ass, you will be given a warning and your post will be deleted. If you ignore the warning repeatedly, you are at risk for being banned. Thanks :)

This community is:
- now owned/maintained by wraithofhell (mercenarywraith@aol.com)
- moderated by the following helpful bunch:
vindonnus (please contact via LJ messaging)

If you have any questions or complaints, you are highly encouraged to contact one of the mods. We need your help to keep this community the place you want it to be. If you'd like to join the mod team, feel free to contact the maintainer.

Big thanks to grimmhooke for the layout, and to rosequoll for hosting it.

Proud to be a Furry
Furry is Life
Furry is Life
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